Union of International Mountain Leader Associations


Registered in France, Siret 50489357900012
Maison des Parcs et de la Montagne, 256 rue de la Republique, 73000 Chambery, France

The UIMLA Logo

logo_uimla_small transparant.png


The use of the UIMLA logo and acronym is reserved. The UIMLA member associations can use the logo and the acronym. As a result, the usage is extended to the members of the national associations that are a member of the UIMLA. This usage lets a member display his membership to the UIMLA and to be differentiated from other mountain leaders that are not members of a national association.


The UIMLA logo and/or acronym must not be used by members to suggest the support of UIMLA to matters or activities subject to controversy. Nor should they be used to make a reader believe that it is an official UIMLA document.

Usage rights

Usage rights of UIMLA logo and acronym are under the control of the national associations that are a member of the UIMLA. It is their responsibility to check that the usage of the logo and acronym is only made by members of their association. In the same way, they are responsible to check that the UIMLA logo and/or acronym are used in an appropriate way.